The Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer was one of the focus and eye-catching products since Soap announce the new technology. MIND was on extensively reported by difference medias, because of the uniqueness and trendy design. MIND could play with free downloaded apps “BatmanMIND”, which based on the movie < Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice>. Player could enjoy and experience to be Batman. Soap will continue develop difference apps and the MIND is more than just a game.


There are more than 30 stages, which include difference levels. The MIND headset contains amplifier, and transmitter sensors. With the brainwave headset, users can play game and complete stages as Batman, and some hidden characters. Player’s mental relaxation, mind concentration, to eye blink can be converted as a command to control Batman. Players could train their concentration by completing difference missions, which is believed could improve the memory and stimulate the cogitation. It is suitable for all people, start from 5 years old to 80 years old.


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