Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

MIND: The Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer

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The Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer was one of the focus and eye-catching products since Soap announce the new technology. MIND was on extensively reported by difference medias, because of the uniqueness and trendy design. MIND could play with free downloaded apps “BatmanMIND”, which based on the movie < Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice>. Player could enjoy and experience to be Batman. Soap will continue develop difference apps and the MIND is more than just a game.


‘Batman Cerebral Combat Trainer’ compactable with MIND headset to capture and amplify the players’ brainwave, from mental relaxation, mind concentration, to eye blink. Each of the emotional fluctuation and minor motions can be converted as a command. The batman movement varies by the concentration level of the players, and it cause difference result everytime.


Play and enjoy being Batman, you could increase your power to flight with Superman by difference training. Explore the hidden characters with 3 difference levels and discover over 30 stages. You could play with MIND headset and being Batman.


Key Features:

  • Wear the MIND headset properly (please refer to user manual)
  • Concentrate , relax and blink could become commands to Batman
  • e: Concentrate to go up, relax to go down , blink to shoot
  • Your MIND could cause difference results everytime
  • You have to finish difference missions to unlock the difficult level
  • e Driving Tumbler, Driving Batwing, Shooting Target etc.
  • You will find hidden character in final stage
  • It is a brand new game and you do not need to play with your hands
  • The game is fun and you could do brain exercise while playing the game
  • It could improve your memory and change the way of gaming


MIND is a new way of gaming, playing is no more wasting time.


There are 3 difficulty levels and over 40 stages in total. As the plot of the coming movie, batman needs to train up himself and level up to beat superman.

Download Detail Manual


MIND User Manual

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