Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


 Product Launch Date: to be confirmed

With build-in motion sensor, users control the BATWING transformation by a simple hand movement. The BATWING can be transformed into flying, landing, and combat modes as in the movie. There are 4 LED lights in the front, 2 on the wings, and 2 at the rear of the aircraft. 6 pcs of interchangeable accessories are included.

In order to avoid damages, a layer of silicon sheet is applied on the top of the magnetic base. Also there are one high-luminance LED lights on each base corner.


Ratio 1:30

Size: 313mm(W) X 295mm (D) X 62mm (H)

Product will be released in late October 2016


  • Gotham City diorama base with touch power switch
  • 1 set of machine gun accessories
  • 3 X aircraft landing gear
  • 2 X missiles

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